Episode 26 - Listener Spotlight #2



This week Mark and Shawn are joined listener Bjorn Behrendt for our second Listener Spotlight episode. 


AskBJ.net - Bjorn's personal Web site

Mount St. Joseph Academy - Bjorn's school tech site


ScreenCastle.com - Web-based screen recorder

OpenMesh - Low-cost, centrally-managed, WiFi access points

Open1to1.org - Linux-based software utilities for schools

RCLogon - Windows XP remote logon/shutdown utility with the ability to disable Internet access

cK-12.org - Digital text books




Im back.

Comparing Windows to Mac on hardware is not an apples to apples comparasen.

Windows is a resource hog. The main problem is all the software you need to keep a windows computer running. The other problem is that every program you install on a windows computer wants to run in the background. I don't need 5 photo editing programs running. The problem is the average user dose not know how to manage all the software running in the background. This is why a windows computer feels slow at 4 gigs of ram and a mac can run at 2 gigs

Senario 1

I give a windows computer to my parents. A month latter they call me with problems. Virus problems, something is not working, to many programs running in the background etc. The calls never stop.

Senario 2

I give them a mac computer. No call no problems. A mac is a product that just works.

I have switched many people to macs and this has been the case.

My parens are not power users. Web browsing, pictures, videos and office programs are all they need. This is 90% of the people that use a computer.

One more thing about the hardware. Hardware specs are not as important as they use to be. CPU, ram and hardrive capacity has out passed the software on most computers. If you have a well running machine you don't need great hardware for most tasks. This is true for both mac and windows.

My argument is that a mac stays running and a windows computer dose not.

Sorry for the typos. I need to read and edit what I write.

@Mark/Shawn: see, he can't edit his posts either.

@monkeymartin: I can understand the "Windows is a resource hog" tack, but "a windows computer feels slow at 4 gigs of ram"?! I have *never* experienced that -- not even on computers owned by non-power users. Slow at 1 GB, sure -- slow at 2 GB possibly -- slow at 3 GB, pretty rarely.

Scenario 1: This is not a Windows problem; it is an issue of not running the right software. I've supported many residential Windows users over the past 5 years, and after retooling their software setup, I've rarely received a support request that involved software I installed.
I will admit that malware was a huge issue on XP even with anti-malware software installed -- but thankfully, Windows 7 is much better on that front. Still, you have to acknowledge that Windows has the most malware written for it because it has the greatest share of the OS market. It's where the money is.

Lastly, my argument is that a Windows computer can stay running just as well as a Mac.

The other two screencasting sites Bjorn mentioned were:

Screentoaster and Sceen O Matic located at: