Tightwad Tech #123 - I'm a Felon



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  Mark confesses his dark, criminal secret and hopes the Feds don't come kick down his door.


Microsoft releases Office 2013 to manufacturing

Unauthorized unlocking of cell phones now illegal

Twitter’s “Vine” revealed

Apple no longer world’s most valuable company


0:00 - 6:30 - Intro. Small talk. Talk of snow days in GA for Mark. A short discussion of how Cherokee county deals with snow days. Mark and Shawn go back and forth about issuing alerts in school system and why it is important and easy to implement.

6:30 - 10:25 - Shawn gives shoutout to makershed.com with their help on getting the Raspberry Pi for him and his assistant at school. Shawn highlights the great customer service of this company and how they helped get him a missing Raspberry Pi from an order.

10:25 - 15:40 - Shawn talks about improving customer service. Highlights of how Shawn and his assistant are managing the ticket system in the school system he has been in charge of. He talks of the advantage of going pro-active and going around to each “client” and making sure everything is working from their end. Mark gives his insight on “making the rounds”.

15:40 - 18:55 - Programming note: possibly no show next week. If there is it will be a little later in the week or weekend.

18:55 - 31:00 - Shawn discusses some challenges with the trouble ticket system he has set up in his school. He also shares how he has been working through those challenges and his experience with Spiceworks as a possible solution to some of the issues. Shawn and Mark also go over some other applications that might help with the ticketing system.

31:00 - 38:50 - Discussion of new and debuting Office 2013. Shawn and Mark do not see this being a huge impact in their work environments citing that most businesses are just now rolling out Office 2010. Great back and forth on the idea of Microsoft switching to subscription based model for Office. Mark does not see a reason for anyone paying for office software with Libreoffice, Openoffice, and Google Docs being out there. Another issue brought up is that children are raised using the Office suite and so they are groomed to think Office is the only real way to go.

38:50 - 44:53 - Mark talks about the Library of Congress's ability to for unlocking a cell phone a felony offense. Both disagree with this ruling and give their reasons.

44:53 - 48:20 - Discussion of the new Vine service for Twitter. This iOS service allows for 6 second video shares. Shawn shares some insightful news about this new service and discuss the future and use of it.

48:20 - 53:10 - sad news:  Apple worth $400,014 Billion. No longer the most valuable company in stocks. Discussion of the decline of Apple’s worth as a company. Citing the struggles on pushing out innovative, and compelling technologies.

53:10 - 56:31 - Closing credits. You can now go back and watch these shows on youtube and make sure to get in contact and share what you think we should talk about.  Loooking for someone to interview and please post on the website - elementopie.com. Short discussion on Google’s transcription service for youtube and how laughable it is.

56:31 - Great show!