Tightwad Tech #122 - Mmmm Pi



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  Shawn delves into his newest passion- a tiny computer with big potential and a Tightwad approved price tag.




Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

Open Compute


Tip of the Week:

University of Cambridge - Baking Pi - Operating System Development


0:00 -  - Intro, update on Mark’s beard (for a great cause). Short take on what is upcoming in the show.

3:40 - 6:20 - Tax apps. Mark talks about his favorite scanner app - camscanner (uses the cameras phone) and how it is useful for keeping up with important documents including all the tax documents.

6:20 - 8:26 - More props to useful things - the guy that is trying to make good show notes (you're welcome guys, thanks for all the awesome content).

8:26 - 17:38 - Shawn talks about his troubles and solutions to the trouble ticket system used in the school he is working at. Discussion on SpiceWorks ticket system. Mark and Shawn both agree that there is no easy way to incorporate this kind of system. Short discussion on Lastpass and why Shawn and Mark like it.

17:38 -  - Raspberry Pi. Discussions on Raspberry Pi, specs, launch date, versions (A and B), and price. Shawn talks about his “kit” that he ordered a couple of weeks ago. This kit came with a case, 2 small solid state cards (one with XBMC), USB plug (for WiFi) all for under $100. Shawn discusses his use of the Pi and how he has been using it in the education realm. Discussion on how Shawn managed to set-up his Pi and the struggles and discoveries he had with it. Discussion on Putty and working with GUI on Pi.

40:00 - 45:20 - Shawn’s first project idea for Raspberry Pi - get 32 inch LCD TV and use the Pi to run announcements through Linux on the TV. Mark gives a couple of suggestions.

45:20 - 49:25 - Shawns assistant comes up with great idea for support ticket issue. Using the Pi a “police light” would go off to let them know when a new support ticket was issued. Stay tuned for possible videos on these projects.

49:25 - 51:05 - Shawn talks about a Raspberry Pi supercomputer made by a school. 1TB of memory and a case made of legos - awesome! Other examples of Raspberry Pi projects going on in the world.

51:05 - 53:00 - The one thing not about the Pi, OpenCompute. Building “open source hardware” something like a home modular server hardware. Gives the average person the ability to “home bake” servers. Allows for custom server builds. - opencompute.org

53:00 - 56:50 - Raspberry Pi tip of the week. University of Cambridge has a course on how to develop your own OS for the Pi called “baking Pi”. Very cool.

56:50 - End - Please contact us and share your Raspberry Pi stories, suggestions, or critisisms - elementopie.com. 559 - IAMOPIE. Looking for volunteers to be spotlit.