Tightwad Tech #121 - The NOT CES Show



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  With CES this past week, the Internet is abuzz with reviews and inside looks.  So, we decide to give CES a glancing blow and look at some other interesting news items of the week.


White House responds to geeky petition

NASA's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office (C3PO),

Teens drug parents to get online

Apple - no longer cool

QNX concept features video calling, 3D rear view

Ford Introduces 9 New Apps for Sync

Ford SDK and developer community

Garmin K2 Platform


0:00 -  - Intro. Small talk from Shawn and Mark about their weekends and what they have been up to. Shawn talks about hanging out with his brother before he ships off to Korea for 2 years right before the start of CES. Discussions on TSA experiences and bag inspections.

12:11 - 19:00 - Shawn still has not gotten his Raspberry Pi but has put them on order as well as a couple Arduino boards. Discussion the use of the Raspberry Pi in the school system. Expect a future show on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Quick history on Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

19:00 - 23:08 - NO DEATH STAR!?? Discussion on the petition for a government funded Death Star.
best part - the response from the White House, listen to find out.

22:08 - 23:05 - NASA set up commercial crew and cargo program office - AKA C3PO - nice, very nice guys.

23:05- 24:10 - Discussion on the openness of the White House and how the government is managing it’s time responding to crazy petitions.

24:10 - 25:05 - Mark’s new podcast “sound and fury” on youtube. Listen to this segment to find out more about this show.

25:05 - 27:35 - Story of two teens who drugged their parents to get online. desperation?

27:35 - 31:27 - Forbes report - Kid’s thinking Apple is not that cool anymore. Is this a turning point for the tech giant? Blackberrys still around.

31:27 -  - CES highlights. The Battle of the car electronics. Discussion of some of the technologies debuted to be use in the car, more specifically “infotainment” systems. Mark mentions the use of cameras that have take the place of mirrors. Mark’s favorite was the ability to do video conferences in the car (not while driving). Short discussion on Ford’s Sync service for adding apps into the car’s dash, and now even developers will be able to develop apps for the Sync. How are other car manufactures responding? Very good discussion of future car tech and how our mobile systems will integrate into their vehicles.

45:20 - 49:43 - Short discussion on the other products debuted at CES like the flexible screens, Hapifork, and super HD tvs. Mark and Shawn also reminisce about the high tech stuff of the past. Are we slaves to power?

49:43 - 55:00 - Shawn’s tip: if you fly Spirit, save your money and go with a different airline. One that has less ads and at least some complimentary snacks. Also, Spirit tended to push you to buy whenever they could get the chance. Mark talks about his experience with low budget/bargain airlines.

55:00 - end - Great Show!