Tightwad Tech #116 - Jumping Jellybean



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  Shawn gloats about his new phone (something Mark would NEVER do) and the guys cover some interesting news stories along the way.

0:00 - 4:40 - why does shawn always say the same thing at the end of the podcast? why does Mark always say the same thing at the beginning of the podcast? (thanks chat room...)

4:40 - 17:04 - Suckfinity??!! router/OpenDNS issues with Comcast’s service. OpenDNS and reasons to use it. Inexperienced techs.Behind the scenes workings of DNS and Comcast’s DNS overwrite.

17:04 - 25:25 - Galaxy SIII and Jellybean update. Over the air update?...oh wait gotta use Samsung Kies, Shawn and Mark describe Kies. Jellybean not as exciting as it is being touted, Shawn gives a short review. Why do carriers make it so hard to update phone firmware? Mark gives some of his thoughts.

25:25 - 33:15 - Staples partners to create “easy button”  for 3D printing of CAD project files. Short discussion of 3D printing. The future of 3D printing discussion.

33:15 - 36:46 - Wii U massive update...update. When will the Wii U come with the update pre-installed so your kids do not go crazy waiting to play their new game system (hint: after Christmas). (the “no update for you” link is broken).

36:46 - 40:38 - Google products in education. Videos to help teachers and IT workers. Google in Education on Air. www.sites.google.com/sites/eduonair/home.

40:38 - 48:20 - Netflix and Disney work out deal and why we are excited. Discussion on being a cord cutter and the future of media delivery. Referenced article “This TV is Broken” - http://minimalmac.com/post/18189678921/tv-is-broken. Why the “best deal” with TV subscription isn’t always the best.

48:20 - 54:32 - Devil coming to San Antonio, TX. The ID badge policy in local school that is equipped with RFID tag. Is it too much oversight? Mark of the beast? The truth behind RFID and short discussion of how it works.

54:32 - 1:02:12 - ConnectToCompete. Making high speed internet and semi-modern technologies to underprivileged children in school systems. Discussion on why this is so cool and why you should support them. Future of broadband.

1:02:12 - 1:04:24 - How to connect with the show. We need our listeners please contact and let us know what you would like us to talk about - a lot of our ideas come to you (like ConnectToCompete from long time listener Okie Jason - Thanks Jason!).

1:04:24 - 1:05:00 - GREAT SHOW!