Tightwad Tech #109 - Listener Q&A



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  This week Mark and Shawn turn their attention to a number of items of listener feedback.  They answer some questions, receive some advice, and take some criticism, too. 




Listener Tip:

James tells us how he sets up a default user profile in Windows 7:

Use a program called Enabler from a thumb drive.

Enabler works well but make sure you complete all steps.


1. Create a user profile that you want to use as your master. Once all

settings are exactly the way I want them I restart the machine.


2. Logon as a user with administrative rights. Open start menu, right click

on computer, click on properties, once properties are open, click on advanced

settings, then click on settings related to logon (If you are reading this

you know how to do this)


3. Delete all users with existing profiles if you want them to use the new

default profile, otherwise highlight the profile that you want to copy, use

enabler (run as Administrator) and use press on copy to.


4. When the box comes up, use the bottom of the box to activate it for

everyone (just type in everyone) Once that is completed, in the copy to

location type in C:\users\default  -- this copies the profile over the

default profile. Allow that to complete and close this program.


5. Now run regedit.


6. Highlight Hkey_Users


7. Click on File, click on load hive, migrate to c:\users\default and in the

file blank type in ntuser.dat and press enter


8. In the blank box that comes up enter a name that you will remember, I use

Default_User, but I have had kids use george, fred or whatever, it really

doesn't matter.


9. Go back to regedit and expand Hkey_Users and highlight the user you just



10. Go to edit and click on find and put in the name of your original default

profile (the user profile you copied) Push enter


11. Delete whatever comes up highlighted, use F3 and continue the process

until you delete all instances of that name. Delete the whole key, windows

will recreate it with the new users name, on some pages you will see the name

multiple times, use shift or control to highlight all instances.


12. Once you are done, re-highlight the name you used and click on file and

unload hive.


13. Restart the machine (don't just log off)


14. Logon as a new user and they will have all the settings that you created

for the default user.