Episode 0 - Basic Principles



Episode 0 - Basic Principals is now up. In this first episode Mark and Shawn discuss the essential things you need to know about The Tightwad Tech podcast. They discuss the working definitions of "Free" and "Open Source" that will be used throughout the run of the show, as well as some of the philosophical issues behind them. Consider this our job application. If you want to know whether The Tightwad Tech is the podcast for you, this is the episode to listen to.


Teacher Tip of the Week: www.doccop.com

Tech Tip of the Week: Alagus Print Installer

Note: This episode is technically scheduled for release on April 1st, but since we had to have something for the iTunes people to review, we're putting it up early.




Mark (and hello Shawn) - 
Nice job!  I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to future episodes.  I think I have an application that you might want to feature some day.  It's an awesome opensource monitor tool that can do just about anything you want.
Let me know when you get lean for ideas!

That Alagus Print Installer looks really cool. I just downloaded it so I'll see if I can't put it to use.