Do you track your mobile workouts?

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Do you track your mobile workouts?

If you run, walk, bike, etc., do you track it?

I use Runkeeper on my Droid 2. I previously used CardioTrainer, but prefer Runkeeper.

My wife has a Garmin sportswatch with GPS.

Do you use anything to track your mobile workouts?

Mark Cockrell
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Re: Do you track your mobile workouts?

I use an app on my Android phone called RideTrac.  It's the same sort of thing as RunKeeper, but designed for bicycling.  It tracks elevation changes and changes in speed- things that a cyclist would care about.  Of course it's free. ;)

Shawn Kibel
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I use an app on my Blackberry

My Blackberry has turned out to be a great workout tool.  First off, I can listen to music or podcasts while running or lifting.  Second, to answer your question directly, I use an app called Endomondo.  It tracks your run/bike/walk using the phone's gps, lays it out on a Google map, and posts it to a linked web interface so that you will have all of your workout history to track your progress.  It also has a community feature where you can challenge other community members or organize a group run or walk.  Overall, I love it.  They have an app for pretty much any GPS enabled phone out there.  Check it out at:


P.S.  Listened to your first show and I have to thank you for the quote, "People, do not drink your calories."  I am a former college football player and U.S. Marine so I am no stranger to health and fitness.  I drink a lot of soda and really do know that this is the major reason for the beach ball I am now carrying around in my stomach.  For some reason that quote really stuck with me and has motivated me to switch to diet Mt. Dew as my beverage of choice.  It is 0 Fat, 0 Sugar, 0 Calories.  I figure this has to have immediately cut 1,500 to 2,000 calories out of my daily intake.  This puts me closer to 2,500 calories a day on average without changing anything else in my diet.  So, thanks for motivating a guy who already knew better but just needed something catchy to hold onto and keep me on track!


Great Show,



The Tightwad Tech

The Tightwad Teacher

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[quote=Shawn Kibel]

P.S.  Listened to your first show and I have to thank you for the quote, "People, do not drink your calories."  



Thanks for the encouragement!  I hadn't heard about the endo-thingy-ma-mondo app.  Sounds pretty cool and very similar to Runkeeper.  Watch those sweet drinks, and watch that beach ball melt away!

Thanks again,


Host, 1 Meal - 1 Workout


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