EDL #117 Coffee Tawk

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Greg Smith
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EDL #117 Coffee Tawk

I was surprised to see there wasn't already a thread about the Coffee Tawk episode, so figured I'd get one started.

I thought about doing the cold coffee thing before.  I did it at room temperature and while the results were okay, I was never overly thrilled with them.  Then Mark did his experiment and it sounds very promising.  So I decided that I'm going to give it a shot. 

I purchased most of the materials to make the rig, I still need to get a pitcher to use as the extraction funnel.  I'll also need to put it all together.

For the vacuum, I have a small car vacuum that I received as a gift.  I'll never use it for anything else, so figured I'd give it a shot here.  It is not nearly as powerful as a shop vac, so I may need to get a small shop vac or rig up my big one as the vacuum source.

I haven't bought the coffee yet, but will stop and pick up some espresso grind soon.

So is anyone else going to try making cold brewed coffee like Mark's making?