Tech and Teacher Tips of the Week from all Tightwad Tech episodes

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Tech and Teacher Tips of the Week from all Tightwad Tech episodes




Episode 95

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) IXL.COM - Math based lessons aligned to your state's standards.


Episode 94

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) Collaborize Classroom - Online topic discussion platform with a huge library of topic starters for all grade levels and for professional development too.


Episode 93

(Tech) - A tool enabling you to customize the logon screen of a Windows 7 machine with your own background, logo, etc.

(Teacher) - A tool for Google+ users allowing you a two-way sync between your Google+ account and your other social networks.


Episode 92

(Tech) Windows Repair Tool from - Designed to be an all-in-one Windows repair tool.

(Teacher) - Sign up for the beta.  Real-time satellite imagery of the earth. Think Google Earth, but in real-time.


Episode 91

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) TED Education Channel - Currently 18 education focused TED type talks each delivered in 10 minutes or less and hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel.


Episode 90

(Tech) -  A free video conferencing tool.

(Teacher) 15 Awesome Virtual Field Trips - A blog post by Glen Weibe listing 15 of his favorite online field trips.


Episode 89

(Tech) Mari0 - A mashup game of Portal and Super Mario Brothers

(Teacher) Sugar, Sugar - An addictive logic game


Episode 88

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A 


Episode 87

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) Build a Body - Online interactive anatomy model


Episode 86

(Tech) Trello - Online project organization and collaboration

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 85

(Tech) Google Takeout - Download all of your Google stuff!

(Teacher) Googlelittrips - Guided tours, using Google Earth, through famous literary works.


Episode 84

(Tech) A Better Calculator - Browser based reinvention of the graphing calculator

(Teacher) Periodic Videos - Funny and informative videos about all of the elements in the periodic table.


Episode 83

(Tech) Morgue File - Public creative commons image archive

(Teacher) Solar System Scope - Awesome web-based interactive 3D solar system model


Episode 82

(Tech) Karen Ware - Karen Kenworthy's power tools for Windows users.

(Teacher) CS50 - Harvard College's online open-courseware of their Introduction to Programming Course.


Episode 81

(Tech) VideoDropper - Send YouTube videos directly to your DropBox folder.

(Teacher) Seterra - Free geography quizzes in a downloadable software, or play online.


Episode 80

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) PoraOra - Online 3D interactive world geared toward education.


Episode 79

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 78




Episode 77

(Tech) DoubleDriver



Episode 76

(Tech) OpenFilesView

(Teacher) Crayola Online Coloring App


Episode 75

(Tech) Windows Command Prompt Quick-Edit

(Teacher) Traveller IQ Challenge


Episode 74




Episode 73

(Tech) Comodo Programs Manager

(Teacher) Drawminos


Episode 72


(Teacher) Slime Kids Games


Episode 71




Episode 70


(Teacher) Mr. Anker Tests


Episode 69

(Tech) WinFF

(Teacher) RADO5


Episode 68

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) MIT Open Courseware


Episode 67

(Tech) Torrenting made easy for the novice

(Teacher) - Teacher resources K-adult brought to you by McGraw Hill


Episode 66

(Tech) Dictation Pro- Free voice-recognition software for Windows Vista/7



Episode 65

(Tech) FreeStudio- all-in-one media conversion tool



Episode 64

(Tech) N/A



Episode 63

(Tech) Lazarus



Episode 62

(Tech) Free Opener

(Teacher) Kodu


Episode 61

(Tech) D7- Computer repair multitool

(Teacher) Microsoft's Image Composite Editor


Episode 60.5

(Tech) N/A (See episode show notes for list of fitness related apps)

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 60

(Tech) - Free, unlimited public online storage

(Teacher) - Mix your personal ambient sound free online.


Episode 59

(Tech) DriverPack Solution - Automated driver installation system

(Teacher) Everyday Mysteries from the Library of Congress


Episode 58

(Tech) PolyMon - an Open Source monitoring solution



Episode 57

(Tech) Comm100 - "Open Source & Free Hosted Customer Service Software"

(Teacher) Aviary


Episode 56

(Tech) iPrint - "Eco-friendly" printing utility

(Teacher) Create a short link to your Google Plus profile


Episode 55

(Tech) MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition - Windows-based partition tool (free for home use only)



Episode 54

(Tech) Windows 7 USB installation creator

(Teacher) 100 best Youtube videos for teachers


Episode 53

(Tech) Speccy- "an advanced System Information tool for your PC" (Windows only) Teacher Tip of the Week: 

(Teacher) - check to see if your email has been hacked.


Episode 52

(Tech) AbpMon- a resizable and dockable toolbar on your desktop for any Windows system that graphically shows the most popular system information in real time

(Teacher) - Virtual dissection software


Episode 51

(Tech) HandyFile Find and Replace - find and replace text within entire directory structures

(Teacher) Vocaroo - Record messages of any length through your browser and share them with others.


Episode 50

(Tech) Plop Boot Manager

(Teacher) LiveBinders


Episode 49

(Tech) - online tape label maker & - "A first aid kit for your computer"

(Teacher) - much like YouTube but for education only & - Fun basic programming learning software

(End User Tip) - "The Easiest, Fastest Way to Update or Install Software"


Episode 48

(Tech) - Reset Windows local passwords

(Teacher) - Online corkboard with sticky notes


Episode 47

(Tech) - A free Flash animation tool

(Teacher) - A cool infographics website. Look at data in new and exciting ways


Episode 46

(Tech) - Great article from the "How-to-Geek" site on locking down Ubuntu installations.

(Teacher) - Online video hosting with language transcription options


Episode 45

(Tech) - "Everything Search Engine", locate files much more quickly than with Windows tools

(Teacher) - Google maps mashup with live camera feeds from around the world


Episode 44

(Tech) Duplicate Commander

(Teacher) - School radio automation software


Episode 43

(Tech) - A great site with a list of freeware utilities with source code

(Teacher) - Skype in the Classroom, where teachers can connect and collaborate using Skype


Episode 42

(Tech) - Free DVD authoring software

(Teacher) - "Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything - for free"


Episode 41

(Tech) - Drag2up - Makes file sharing on the web as easy as dragging and dropping a file.

(Teacher) - Google News Timeline - Interactive timeline with relevant news sources brought to you by Google Labs


Episode 40

(Tech) Drag2Up – Chrome/Firefox extension for easy file uploading to Web services

(Teacher) MyFakeWall – Create Facebook-like walls for fictional and non-fictional characters.


Episode 39

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 38

(Tech) ClearOS – A powerful network and gateway server designed for small organizations and distributed environments.

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 37

(Tech) Greenshot – “A free screenshot tool optimized for productivity”

(Teacher) – An online bibliography maker.


Episode 36

(Tech) SlimDrivers– Automatically scan for and locate device drivers on your Windows system

(Teacher) – Free web based or computer installed timer/stopwatch.


Episode 35

(Tech) Dirvish – Open source, hard drive based, backup system

(Teacher) – Compare life in various countries around the world.


Episode 34

(Tech) Synergy – Share one keyboard & mouse across multiple PCs.

(Teacher) LiveBinders – “Your 3-Ring binder for the Web”


Episode 33

(Tech) Autoruns – Comprehensive listing of what’s running on startup on your Windows machine

(Teacher) Storybird – Online storytelling. Start with images from professional artists and create your own story.


Episode 32

(Tech) Super – Near universal file format conversion tool for Windows

(Teacher) – Great Web site for converting documents and media of all type.


Episode 31

(Tech) iFree Skype Recorder – Record your Skype calls.

(Teacher) World Clock – Count down (or up) clock for a variety of world statistics.


Episode 30

(Tech) FillAnyPDF- a simple way to edit PDFs online

(Teacher) Pwn Youtube- an online repository of sites for downloading and transcoding Youtube videos


Episode 29

(Tech) CrashPlan- Free do-it-yourself backup utility

(Teacher) Great site with downloadable curriculum revolving around digital citizenship.


Episode 28 (January 5, 2011)

(Tech) ScreenStream – Simple screen broadcasting software for Windows

(Teacher) ACD/Chemsketch Freeware – Free software sketch utility to draw chemical models


Episode 27

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 26

(Tech) RCLogon – A free utility to automatically login¸ log off¸ shutdown, or restart a group of computers.

(Teacher) – Free online text books.


Episode 25

(Tech) Tunnelier – GUI SSH client for Windows (courtesy of PKU in the chat room)

(Teacher) – invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students.


Episode 24

(Tech) Servers Alive- Simple server status monitor tool

(Teacher) Great source of information for parents and teachers


Episode 23

(Tech) Revo Uninstaller – Removes files that the default uninstaller often misses

(Teacher) The CIA World Fact Book – Excellent site for information about countries around the world.


Episode 22

(Tech) Giveaway of the Day- A new software given away free each day for 24 hours only.

(Teacher) Screencast-o-matic- create screen capture video recordings with free hosting all from your browser with no install.


Episode 21

(Tech) WinSCP – Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows

(Teacher) Tux4Kids – Open source educational game suite.


Episode 20

(Tech) Display Changer- Changes the display resolution, runs a program, then restores the original settings.

(Teacher) GraphCalc – The Ultimate Windows Graphing Calculator


Episode 19

(Tech) Safe MSI- Start the Windows Installer service in Safe Mode

(Teacher) iPadio – Call in recording/podcasting or “phlogging”


Episode 18

(Tech) Actions- Clickable GUI-based automation tool for Windows and Mac

(Teacher) Molecular Workbench – a free, open-source tool that creates and delivers visual, interactive simulations for teaching and learning science and engineering


Episode 17

(Tech) NTFSFix Wizard- A handy tool to set the permissions on user work areas.

(Teacher) TeacherTube – An online community for sharing instructional videos, docs, audio, and photos.


Episode 16

(Tech) AutoIt – A free Windows automation tool

(Teacher) Pencil – An animation/drawing software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux that lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.


Episode 15

(Tech) VirtuaWin – A virtual desktop manager for Windows

(Teacher) Center for Science Education – Web-based High School Chemistry Simulations


Episode 14

(Tech) Sizer – a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size

(Teacher) MeetMeAtTheCorner- Virtual Field Trips for Kids


Episode 13

(Tech) DriverMax – Backup and restore all the drivers on a Windows machine quickly and easily

(Teacher) Compfight – Image search engine with Creative Commons filters


Episode 12.5

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) Google Scholar – provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.


Episode 12

(Tech) Multiboot USB – creates a Multiboot USB Flash Drive that you can use to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB.

(Teacher) – Education community site. Extensive focused communities on all areas of education.


Episode 11.5

(Tech) KatMouse – Mouse utility. Scroll windows without placing focus on them

(Teacher) – Education community site. Extensive focused communities on all areas of education.


Episode 11

(Tech) DVDFlick – a simple, yet powerful DVD authoring tool

(Teacher) Scuptris – a free 3D Sculpting Software that uses “digital clay.”


Episode 10

(Tech) CDBurnerXP – Really simple, free CD burner (despite the name it works with Vista and 7)

(Teacher) Classroom 2.0 – Social website for educators.


Episode 9

(Tech) Locknote - Password protect text using AES 256 bit encryption

(Teacher) Soocial - A great tool for synchronizing your contact list across several devices.


Episode 8

(Tech) Password Control - A simple tool for resetting AD passwords.

(Teacher) Open Clip Art Gallery - Great site for sharing clip art that you can freely use.


Episode 7

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 6

(Tech) Active User Manager – A simple interface for managing AD users.

(Teacher) SMPlayer – Highly versatile yet simple media player. A great replacement for Windows Media Player, which has surely already caused you some frustration.


Episode 5.5

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 5

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 4

(Tech) WinAudit - PC Audit and Inventory software. Gives you a nice report with information on the hardware, software installed, drivers, etc.

(Teacher) - Language learning community. Think “Facebook meshed with Spanish class”.


Episode 3.5

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 3

(Tech) The Ultimate Boot CD - A collection of antivirus and diagnostic utilities on a single ISO.

(Teacher) TeacherShare – Site run by Excellent community for teachers to share resources and ideas.


Episode 2.5

(Tech) N/A

(Teacher) N/A


Episode 2

(Tech) Unetbootin - Allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD.

(Teacher) Scribble Maps- Draw and annotate over the top of a Google Map.


Episode 1

(Tech) Prism - An application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.

(Teacher) – Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.


Episode 0.5

(Tech) MP3Gain - MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume.

(Teacher) iSpring Free – Free PowerPoint to Flash converter.


Episode 0

(Tech) Alagus Print Installer - Great tool for installling printers on single or multiple computers on a network.

(Teacher) – Plagerism detection website.