build a wireless Boris box

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build a wireless Boris box
Since I have been listening to the show for less than a year, I missed this Boris Box show. Thank you for the replay and it was quite interesting.
I am thinking to build a Boris box on my own because i am having the same issue as Chris had. But in the show you guys didn't mention how to make it wireless. Will a wireless switch work in this case or one of the two network cards in the box has to be wireless.
Mark Cockrell
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Boris Untethered

I've never tried to make a wireless Boris Box for one primary reason- WiFi requires lots of overhead.  You may be able to get away with it on an overpowered box, but for me the beauty of a Boris Box is reusing some old, discarded hardware.  I use two wired NICs in a laptop and connect that to an off-the-shelf Cisco access point.  The community may have other ideas, but I like to keep my firewalls as simple as possible.

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