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Make Seth Use Linux

Here is the deal-  Seth has a second laptop.  He is giving the ElementOpie legion a chance to make him actually use Linux.  The EveryDay Linux audience gets to pick what he will run.  Here are the rules:

#1 - It must be an OS ment to be used in general computing.  I will not use Untangle for example.

#2 - It must be at least a beta.  I will not try anything in alpha release.

#3 - There must be at least 20 responses to make this binding.  the winner does not have to have 20 votes, but at least 20 votes must be cast by Midnight Sept 22nd am.

#4 - On the 22nd, each host will get to cast one vote (including Seth).  In the event of a tie, Seth will get final choice.

#5 - OS must be legal and free.  I will not try to install OSx on my computer.

#6 - Must be current.  The version must be from 2012 or 2013 and be either the most current release or most current beta.

Computer Specs:

Lenovo Thinkpad x300
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2g
4gig ram
64gig ssd drive


There you have it.  Please only one vote per person.  If you are unable to post to the forum, submissions will be accepted via standard show feedback avenues as well, subject to the same cut off time.

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hehe well, if i am trying to

hehe well, if i am trying to get Chris to use gentoo i guess the one to pick for you would be even more fun.


Linux from Scratch

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OS suggestions

I would use Crunchbang.

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openSUSE 12.3


My reasoning:

- it's not just another Debian / Ubuntu or Red Hat  / Fedora derivative 

- it's a major distro, yet it's not often talked about in podcasts I listen to

- choice of KDE (default), Gnome Shell, XFCE, LXDE

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slackware, your choice of desktop.

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Manjaro (XFCE)

All precedent suggestion are great choice, but I have to go with a different suggestion: Manjaro. The XFCE edition look great and since it is relatively lightweight it will fly on a Core 2 Duo. Also the fact that it is based on Arch gives you several advantages:

1- The official repository are very up-to-date.

2- You have access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), so you can install pretty much any software available for Linux on the Internet (If I remember correctly, Yaourt come preinstalled).

3- It has one of the best package manager: pacman.

4- Pretty much all the stuff from the Arch wiki can be apply to your distro. So it is a great opportunity for learning.

5- It is a rolling release so you shouldn't have to reinstall for a long while.

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS should run very will with those specs. It's a stable OS and should be an easy install. 

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Seth should use Manjaro XFCE which is Arch based and my distro of choice. It works great and is never outdated. The AUR beats using PPAs any day. Kernel management is great, you can use whatever kernel you want without compiling it. 

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icAros desktop

icAros found @ is a pre-configured AROS desktop environment for the PC architechture.

This is a very fun OS aimed at being compatible with Amiga OS 3.1 at the API level.

It is current as it was last updated May 09, 2013 and nowadays is quite usable.

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Seth's OS

Well since the Hannah Montana Ubuntu is not current, I think Seth should use Fedora 19 or 20.  He could start with a live version and try to install it to the hard drive, Chris could provide support and encouragement.  I have just tried it in Virtual Box and finally got it up and going, (the LXDE version), I think I am going to try the Gnome version next.  If I can get a good running Fedora version, I am going to go whole hog and install it permanently to dual boot with Windows XP.  Good Luck, Seth, you may just have to rent a midget to remotely install it for you!

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Seth's OS choice


I was going to say Linux Mint but after encountering some stability issues I would say Debian with XFCE.

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I've got to say Arch linux, 

I've got to say Arch linux, 

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The specs are kinds humble

The specs are kinds humble (except for the ssd speed) so I would say LM Debian Edition. I have this on a few dual-core / 4 GB machines and its rock solid. Debian may not be a sexy choice but it'll make those specs scream. The only other choice is an LXDE derivative (like Mint LXDE)....yea, I'm kinda biased towards the Ubuntu-base but its what I know and love. 

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Another Vote for #!

You should really give CrunchBang 11 a shot. 

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Make Seth Use Linux

I vote for SliTaz

It is super fast, super light has some nice features but requires a little learning, learning is good!

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I've been looking around and am interested in learning more about the whole RedHat/Fedora/Centos family, so since Centre1812 already recommended Fedora, let me second that motion.

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I would highly recommend  Stella Linux for Seths" laptop.   Stella is a respin ( not a fork) of Redhat -> Centos  with a "just works" philosophy. Stella has all the most common audio/video software preinstalled and is ready to go out of the box. Stella is not loaded with eye candy or little used packages,rather it's just a stable Gnome 2 desktop distro but one that is  rock solid being based on Redhat/Centos.  Don't let the low Distrowatch ranking or the fact that Stella is a one man project prevent you from giving this fine distro a try.


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Seth, I think Fedora would be

Seth, I think Fedora would be a fine choice.  I have sent comments to the show bashing the partitioner for Fedora but finally figured it out.  I am really loving it now it is installed.  I am using Gnome 3 and getting use to it.  Good luck!

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Linux for the Gui Kid

I'd say go with.... Fedora

Don't want to go too hard on the GUI kid

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Pick the one which suits you the best

I tried a few distro's the one's I use now are:

Crunchbang 11 because it is fast, bare bone, yet complete (all the codec, drives, etc) and has a Debian-stable base so a lot of software in the repo's. You are able to install software by using gui and terminal. A minus, you have to edit the menu yourself. I found it no problem, this also can be done by the gui or by editing the config-files.

ElementaryOS, it is simple, is quite fast. For ease of use (Ubuntu base and the option to add PPA's). The setup is minimal, the software selection is basic so you have to pick your own.

One which is interesting but I was not able to install it: SolykX or SolydK (, it is a young distro, a branch of Mint LMDE. A debian-based distro with up to date software. Sound promising but I have not had the time to check it out or make it work but it is looks good (and if I am not mistaken, one of the founders is dutch).

An other option I would do is openSUSE with a LXDE or KDE-desktop, just because it is not debian, Ubuntu or Fedora.

I hope you can pick one.

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Elementary OS

Elementary OS. Would run well on this rig.


Do it. Do it now...

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One more vote for Crunchbang. Been digging it for about a year and it's is wonderfully customizable and smooth on my old Lappy.

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+1 for Elementary OS

Supports DEB, PPA, Steam. Prettier than anything else. Light and FAST!

And preciousssssss.


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Mint (please?)

For utterly selfish reasons, Mint. I'm looking to get a laptop myself and install Linux on it, specifically Mint, so I'm very much in the same boat as Seth. I'd love to hear how he's getting on and feel comforted that it's not only me who stumbling around like ... ummm ... someone who stumbles about a lot.

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