EDL #92 - An Honest Look at Security

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EDL #92 - An Honest Look at Security


Good on ya, Seth!!! That's a great time for a first 5K! I'm not sure what my time was on my 5K back in '86 (or so) but congrats on yours! And mega thanks to the mystery runner who gave you his medal. I didn't get one for the Crescent City Classic but you have a fantastic memento of yours.
I have a question about the standing sudo command to rate and review the show on iTunes. I haven't run Windows since '07 so I don't have any way to build a Windows VM to install iTunes on. Does anyone know of a way to pull off the task for folks like me? I do pretty much hate the fruit company with the heat of a thousand nuns since they steadfastly refuse to support our chosen operating system but EDL is one of my favorite podcasts (I also listen to the mintCast for Linux news) and it's worth installing iTunes just to get you guys higher in the ratings.