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Desktop Helpers

Hi Mark and team,

Please see my 'Introduce yourself' post for my context.

I have been using windows for a long time and during my adventures I have picked up a whole swag of applications that I tow around with me that make my day to day life easier.

I'm fairly new to Linux but I can feel my way around most issues with judicious googling and headscratching.

One of the major upheavals about my moving to Linux has been replacing the multitude of tools in my software tool-belt  with Linux versions.

For example:

  • Tinyspell is a global spell-checker that picks up everything you type and gives MS Word style spelling prompts
  • WinDirStat gives a graphical and by-size based analysis of your drive's usage
  • Find And Run Robot provides a 'Launchy/Quicksilver/' style keyboard based app/file/setting launcher on steroids.
  • WinSplit Revolution gives keyboard based monitor switching and alignment for apps.
  • Autohotkey is a script based automation tool (I am aware of IronAHK)
  • Dropit is a rule based file sorting and management swiss-army-knife
  • eXpresso is a portable file-software association manager.
  • Teracopy is a copy/move manager also on steroids

There are a huge number of others and I'm sure you are familiar with the types of apps I'm talking about. The utilities that make tech support and sys admin life suck less.

What utilities do you guys use in a Linux setting to speed or ease your interaction with Linux?

I've found a few sites with good ideas or resources around Linux tools ( is BRILLIANT by the way.)

What sources/resources do you use to find out about new or previously undiscovered apps or tools?

Are there facilities built into Linux or available to Linux that would replace the sorts of apps I have mentioned above?

Hope this provides some chat fodder for a show and keen to hear CLI and GUI info alike.

Again, Love the show. Hit me with questions or feedback if you dare :)