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Wireless Help

Let me first start by saying, I am not a wireless guru. Just have very basic setup knowledge. We have about 60 Dell Latitude netbooks on one of our campuses. We also have 6 Aruba access points in the school (it's a small school) One problem, I seem to have is the wireless NIC's do not connect until after a user logs into Windows. I know this is normal, but GPO's do not seem to get updated nor does FOG get connected for imaging. My biggest issue is GPO's. I can deal with the FOG side of things by plugging machines in as needed for imaging. Also, we run WPA2 settings. 

Is there any way to get the wireless nic's to connect once the bios boots or at least before a user logs into Windows? 

Mark Cockrell
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I've experience that many times, and usually it's a driver issue.  If you get the right driver, it'll usually hook itself in at the system level and run as a service. 

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