Alesis usb 4 and Reaver

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Alesis usb 4 and Reaver

I record my Church's services using a Alesis usb4 and Reaver on Windows XP. I have the Asio driver installed, but it seems like all three channels save the same thing. I have one of the tracks in reaver set to usb mono 1, one at usb mono2, and the third at usb stereo (the alesis combines 3/4 input into one stereo out). I really feel that the recordings are all the same. I know I'm recording from different mics, but if I mute one mic on the church's main board that track keeps recording. I'm assuming it is taking the recording off of one of the other inputs. If I do mute all four of the inputs on Church's board then all the tracks do stop recording. I'm just not sure what I would be doing wrong.

Mark Cockrell
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USB Driver

There's not a lot of information to go on there, but it sounds like you may not actually be using the ASIO driver.  It may be installed, but Reaper (I'm assuming you mean you're using Reaper, and not the face-eating space zombies from Firefly) may still be using the DirectSound driver.

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