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iTried Mark iReally did

Hey Mark and everyone.  I have a tiny rant.  In the latest Everyday Linux podcast Mark asked to vote on iTunes.   I have an old P4 IBM laptop that I just recently installed Vista starter on as a test machine as I haven't used Vista in a long time.  I also after listening to the podcast tried to vote and leave a comment on that machine.   I was asked via a pop up to subscribe. I tried to subscribe but it wanted my credit card and I'm not going to give Apple my credit card info.  Did I give up?  Heck no.  Mark needs a vote and I'm gonna give it to him type attitude. 

I tried using one of my test credit card numbers I use for the phone scammers that call and tell me that they have been receiving (Windows) warnings and errors.  [I run all Gnu/linux machines btw].  The credit card numbers did not go though as it could tell it was not a Canadian credit card number...Hmm, OK, so I gave my first real 4 numbers the made up the rest.  Still no go, it did not verify.  That means that iTunes will charge $1.00 on the card then refund it just to see if it's a valid card. 

I know that there are posts that state that you can subscribe without a credit card but  it seems like a long process and just for a vote and comment I shouldn't have to go thought all that. 

Is it possible to ask for a vote on another site that is more neutral and a heck of alot more friendlier?

Mark Cockrell
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re: iTunes

Sure, there are lots of places you can vote, but the reality is that the iTunes store is the only one that matters.  If we're going to promote Linux to people who don't already use it, we have to make our show visible in the non-Linux world.... and the biggest, most popular, most influential storehouse of podcast information is owned and operated by Apple.

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