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Peter Kuykendall
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Tightwad Tech #122 - Mmmm Pi

Regarding ticketing systems that don't require a user login, we have a reasonable one.  I work at Comcast, which is gigantic (nearly 100,000 employees).  All users are saddled with Windows machines, which we log in to via domain.  Those same domain credentials are automagically used when I go to the URL of our ticketing system.  It takes me to a web page that already knows my name, office location, phone number, email, etc.  I didn't have to enter anything special for the ticketing system; it got all that from my domain login.

I don't see any vendor info on that page so I assume it's an internally developed application.  In any case I highly recommend grabbing the user's domain credential (I forget what MS calls it, Active Directory or something) so that you automagically have all the user info you need in the ticket.

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This post is for Shawn regarding his Spiceworks install. The problem you are having with sending mail through Spiceworks may be with your ISP. My ISP blocks outgoing SMTP, other than their own. They set me up with an account to use for SMTP. I have been using Spiceworks since 2009. I will admit that it was slow on a physical server I setup. I moved it to a virtual server last summer and it is lightning fast. I hope this helps with your email issue.

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