moving /HOME to a new partition... how to?

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moving /HOME to a new partition... how to?
In EDL episode 16, it was mentioned about moving /Home to a different partition so the OS could be blown away and reinstalled without losing user settings, files, etc.
Is there another episode that explains how to do this? ...or a forum post/thread?
I'm relatively new to Linux, but have been what I consider a "power user" in windows for years. I'm currently trying Linux in a VM on my Win7 desktop, as well as on an old notebook that I set up to dual boot XP and Ubuntu.
My current distro choice is Ubuntu 12.04 with various desktops I'm still trying out, but leaning toward Cinnamon or KDE. I've also tried mint (and CentOS, and even Puppy)
Mark Cockrell
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Re: Moving /home

Hi TRS-80,

  I don't know if there's any way to "move" the /home partition.  I wouldn't trust it, anyway.  That's something that needs to be done when initially partitioning the drive.  You'd simply select the "manual" or "advanced" option in whatever installer you're using and set up the partitions the way we've mentioned before. / /home and swap.

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Welcome to linux TSR-80!

Welcome to linux TSR-80!

there is a write up on how to do it at .  it is a little dated but most of it is still good info. i think the only change would be in how to setup the fstab file.  it has gone from  say /dev/sda3 to a UUID number.   for info on UUID can check out .

pretty much will need to have a spare drive-partition. then play-learn fdisk, mount, moving files and a couple edits.


hope this helps ya,


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