Linux CUPS and Apple AirPrint

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Linux CUPS and Apple AirPrint

Hello Linuxuseres,

I found on the internet, that until iOS 6 it was no problem, to use a Linux-machine as print server for "Air-Printing" with any printer.

Since iOS 6 there are some issues which seem to make it harder. Before just network sharing the printer seemed to be the only thing which had to be done. I never tried it.

Anyway, there is a python-script on the web, which promises to fix everything. Since I just can't tell, what this script is doing, I just wanted to ask, if somebody has experience with it or another solution to get "airprinting" to work.







Update to 3.2.0-35-generic und CUPS 1.5.3 brought solution under Ubuntu. The Update took place during a regular system update.