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iPad - Linux Filesharing


Hey Guys,
I have a question and maybe a Topic for a show. I want to share files via WLAN between my Linux-Box and my iPad. I was wondering whether I could set up an FTP-Server on my Linux and which one to take and how to configure it. Maybe that's a bad idea and there's an easier way.
If anybody knows anything about that, please let me know.
Meanwhile, I set up a VSFTPD-server. Just need to make a User and Password now. Learned that symlinks won't work with in /srv/ftp - solution: "mount --bind <source dir> /srv/ftp/<optional subdir>". The command needs root.
I'd need help with setting up a user account with password for my ftp to make it more secure. SSL is already active :))
Here is my /etc/vsftpd.conf . With it, home is usable on the pad with any ftp program after login.

# we're running standalone

# enable virtual users:

# allow writing
#local_umask=022 #uncomment when enabling writing

# some general options

# more verbose logging


Mark Cockrell
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I took the easy road and use Dropbox and Google Drive for sharing between the two.

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These are good as well

Yeah. These are good options I'm using as well. I set up my own ftp for files, which contain personal data of clients and therefor can't go on the internet.

Since my Dropbox is just 2.5GB and I'm not having a very huge bandwidth, the private ftp is also a boost for the small iPad memory, since I can access hundreds of Gigbytes of fotos or Videos nearly as fast, as if they were stored on the pad.

Next goal will be, to find a way to write in this files on the ftp :) Any ideas? I'm too afraid of jail-breaking my device by now...


Another Update :)

Just found out about wuala.com which is like Dropbox but with login and encryption...

mike wall
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Online drives are pretty

Online drives are pretty reliable, but having your own server ( http://www.spectra.com/support-maintenance/ ) running would be hte best.

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