EDL #75 - The Turkey Hangover

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EDL #75 - The Turkey Hangover

Hey Guys,


very nice show again. It's nice to hear you went for an open fire last weekend, Mark, as my wife and me like that a lot as well.

It's interesting to hear, that big companies or administrations seem to have doubts about the fact, that Linux is cheaper on the long run than any proprietary system. I think, everybody who has a computer more than five years knows what happens, when the new Direct-X is just being released for the next Windows version. New games won't work on the old Windows. The old Office doesn't work on the new Windows. The new formats won't be downward compatible. The old Hardware, due to driver problems, won't run on the new computer, which was bought for the new Windows. All this not because of technical issues, but because of volitionally placed hurdles, which are there to force people to spend money on things they already have. Hey, but after spending it, the new icon set seems so great, because cognitive dissonance wants to be reduced. And one time the upgrade is inevitable anyway, because support for the old system runs out.

Everybody who went through this and migrated to Linux, knows that after it's once installed, problems like that mainly belong to the past. Maybe somebody can enlight me, but I really don't get, why Windows or OS-X could in any case be cheaper than Linux. My level of masochism clearly is not high enough to have a proprietary system - at least when it comes to productive work ;) Of course, you could use open formats on Windows, but at this point, I see no reason to keep it anyway then for this part.


Best wishes