IT Tech in Northern Ireland School

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IT Tech in Northern Ireland School

Hey everyone,

Im Colin. Im 31 and a self confessed geek (not nerd).


 I work as one of 2 IT guys in a largish (1300 pupils) school in Northern Ireland.  We have about 500 desktops, and (wait for it) approx 850 iPads!! Go easy.


Managing it all ourselves in a fairly Tightwad fashion it has to be said! Lots of hackery with PHP and using plenty of free stuff to set things up just how we want them. Have found the show very useful for finding new bits of software to use, and just to validate some of the stuff I am already doing. Its good to know if other people are using the same thing you are either on the right tracks or all headed for disaster together!


Love the show, started listening around 6 months ago, have picked through most of the back episodes now listen every week. Planning to add Everyday Linux to the list soon also, but I think to prevent a brain explosion, I might hold off on Sound and Fury for a bit ;)


Keep up the good work guys. (oh and I left you a nice little review on the UK iTunes store, and 5 stars of course)