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Swap space question

Howdy y'all. I"m surprised to see an EDL episode for this week with Thanksgiving tomorrow but I'm looking forward to hear it tonight. 

I"ve got a question regarding swap space. I know Mark advises against using swap space if you've got a certain amount of RAM but I can't recall what that amount is. I'm looking to rebuild my Lenovo T61 with Linux Mint Debian Edition KDE UP5 since I've ended up breaking Electric Sheep with an ffmpeg upgrade from deb-multimedia.org and I seem to have done something to completely bork my ability to mount my external hard drive via usb. As my laptop stands now it's got about 4 gigs of RAM and 4 gigs of swap but after hearing you guys talk about swap a few shows ago I'm wondering if it may be worth my while to fold the swap space in with my root folder. (I have a separate /home partition that I'll continue using.) 

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i wanna say it was 8 gigs+ to

i wanna say it was 8 gigs+ to avoid using swap but could be wrong..

Mark Cockrell
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Swap Space

It's not a hard rule, but for me, anything with 4GB or more of RAM doesn't need swap.  But, if you've got a ton of space on your hard drive, you don't really lose anything by adding a small swap partition.  I'm not adamant either way about it- I just don't use it myself.

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Re: Swap Space

Thanks, Mark. That's the number I thought you used. I ended up going with a 2 gig swap this time around to free up a little more room on my root partition. It's amazing how fast I can fill hard drive space.

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