Periodic Table #34 - Ethel Merman Does Scooby Doo

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Periodic Table #34 - Ethel Merman Does Scooby Doo

Do you guys share staff with NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me? Because for the second week straight y'all talk about something on the show and I hear about it over the weekend on NPR's news quiz show. Your story about Fowlty Towers also showed up as the final question in this weekend's Listener Limerick Challenge.

Another great show this week, guys. I now have two shows from Opie that I look forward to hearing every week. Except I am getting some weird looks when I start laughing so hard at some of your stories. But that's ok, because I can generate some pretty odd looks anyway, which I refuse to believe is a bad thing.

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Thanks BostonPeng


I just now saw your forum post (don't know how I missed it).  Thanks for listening...and just to set the record straight, we don't share staff with NPR, but that is a strange coincidence!

Have a great weekend!

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Maybe they listen to y'all?

It's ok, I've had to get in the habit of hitting the forums and looking for the "new" and "updated" tags myself. Maybe the Wait Wait staff peeked in on your show notes as you both were getting ready for the show? They also tape on Thursday evenings.

I hope you had a good Christmas and have an even better last weekend of twenty-ten.

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