"Are You the Keymaster?" comments

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"Are You the Keymaster?" comments

You asked for it Mark, so here's my 'take' on what you said.

I feel that there was some good information to be had, but a lot of missing pieces and some misinformation.  Maybe if you had waited until after Shawn had finished setting up KMS things could have been made clearer.  

In my opinion continuing with MAK activations is completely unnecessary for Shawn.  I do understand there's a fair amount of work involved in setting up the KMS server and reconfiguring your hosts, but I feel that the benefit moving forward is going to easily pay off.  As simple as sending an email a week seems to you Mark, it's just one more thing that wouldn't need any attention at all going with KMS.  Just because it's the way you did it, doesn't mean it's the best way for someone else.

Your comment about the VAMT 2.0 being a tool for stats geeks is totally inaccurate.  While it DOES have many capabilities to grab stats on current license status, there's a lot more there than just that.  The true power lies in it's ability to change hosts from one method to another (MAK to KMS) or vise versa, and tell them to activate enmasse.  This is immensely beneficial when setting up your server initially to get the activation count high enough that they do activate.  It would also prove useful to migrate the existing MAK clients in Shawn's environment to KMS clients.

I appreciate all the hard work you two put into the show, and hope you continue to provide us with quality content.