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New Listener-feedback

Hey guys, only just started to listen, as I've enjoyed "the art of podcasting".... BUT you guys are dead wrong about teath, I know its a linux podcast, but bad teath are definitatly heredatary, but in a way which is not understood, the food parents have before conception, then during pregnancy etc and for children in childhood, is whats makes good/bad teach and many other things, the guys daughter, needs good food, high quality butter, fat, organ meats, vegtables and fruit isn't nutrient dence and can't provide what children especially, but basicly everyone needs. I'd hoped these things were talked about on your health podcast 1 mean 1 workout, but have only listened to 1 episode so far. If you wanted a more informed opinioun or to challange my source of information I'd be happy to talk personally or come on any show you have.... :)

I do have a podcast on tech, including food/health at dudmanovi dot cz where i've started discussing this kind of stuff.

p.s Our oldest son, 7 has never been to a dentist, or doctor, same for our 2 year old. I've not had any fillings or teach work for the last 10 years since I learn't what I now know and am practicing.

Keep up the podcasts, definitatly stimulating

Best regards