Technology Director in Phoenix, Arizona

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David Richards
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Technology Director in Phoenix, Arizona

The company I work for is a small, non-profit education company in Phoenix. We have 3 charter schools (2 bricks and mortar and 1 online), a private credit recovery program, a private diploma program/school, and an alternative education school. I started listening to show a couple of years ago to learn about FOG. We do a lot with what we have here. We use Drupal for our websites, Moodle for our schools - I manage 8 Moodle installs, FOG, Spiceworks, Linux for web servers. 

Thanks Mark and Shawn for the show!


Shawn Kibel
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Hey David!

Thank you for the message!  It is great to know we are appreciated.  Keep up the good fight stretching that edu-dollar!


Warmest Regards,

Shawn Kibel

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