EDL #66 - OpenSUSE 12.2

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EDL #66 - OpenSUSE 12.2

I have to correct Chris on the KDE version number. KDE 4.8 is out and is being used by many distros including Linux Mint 13 KDE (and I suspect Kubunutu as well) and the LMDE KDE respin with Update Pack 5. But that's not even the current release anymore as KDE released 4.9 earlier this month.

For the End-User Tip: I prefer to go with DuckDuckGo for my searching. They have great results, without the paid results, plus they are great for getting more info from a particular site (just click the icon in the results). Add that to the fact that the duck doesn't filter or bubble results, or track you, and it add up to why they're my default search tool in every browser I have installed. And if they don't have enough results for a search they have handy links to continue your search on Google or Bing, plus you can use one of a ton of !bang commands to directly search a particular source.