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Jim Beason
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I've been trying to come up with suggestions, but my problem is I do not use Linux enough to even ask good questions.  So, lets assume that I'm a normal Windows user.  (Work with me on this one.)  Why should I switch to Linux?  If I do switch to Linux, how would I learn what I need to know to get to the same level of proficiency that I currently have in Windows?
Let me know if you want to expand on this.  As I learn more about Linux, maybe I'll come up with more show topic ideas.
amateur tech robert
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installing linux partitions

hey do you think you can do a segment or episode on partitioning hard drive for Ubuntu? what I mean is, what partitions Ubuntu or other linux builds need and how big they need to be to be able to run and run effeciently? I understand that Linux needs a "/" and "home" and I think a "page" partition but I never know how big and exactly how to add them in. 


Another idea, I had a friend who wants to load linux on two old laptops (Vista on there presently) to allow her kids to go on computer when they get home before she gets off work and wans to know her kids are safe (from internet or downloads) but wants them to be able to play education games and such. 


Thanks for all your hard work and I did send a message through the "contact us" page so I hope this is not annoying to send the idea this way too, please forgive me.

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NAS for Home/SOHO users

I have a suggestion for a topic, NAS. I've heard you guy mention Drobo many times in the past. I've tried "FreeNAS in the past, had it running but due to lack of knowledge and a level of frustration and old hardware I moved on. I did a ton of research and decided on "Synology"  they use their own custom version of linux.  I've had mine (DS 212+ 2X 3TB drives) running for the past year and a bit without any issues. It's very fast for copying files, backup form Linux and Apple TimeMachine, streaming music and video just to name a few.

I would just like to add thanks for the wonderful show that you guys take the time to produce. I mainly listen to your program when I'm cycling and running (I'm training for a triathlon) no iPhones in the pool

Thanks again 



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Show suggestion

I'd like to hear about Gnu/Linux based software for routers like Open-WRT, DDWRT or FreeWRT etc.  Why would they benefit an average Gnu/Linux user over just a store bought router software already installed from factory.

I have tried in the past to build my own "Boris Box" from an old P4 and failed to get it working as a router, but would be interested in changing the firmware on my router to enhance it.


Thanks Guys!!

Tech Trucker
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How do you contribute to a open source project?

You stated in a previous episode, that you don't need to be a programmer to contribute to a open source project. My wife is a graphic designer, and wishes to do a little resume padding. I recommended she look into contributing to a open source project. When it comes to functionality open source software is incredible, unfortunately most of it looks like sin . Open Office comes to mind, I'm sure you can think of tons of software that's similar. When attempting to find a group to join we found it was like questing for the Holy Grail. Imagine submitting a request to The Snarky Dark Lords of Linux coding,  requesting to help out? Unfortunately everyone is not as nice as Gabriela. In one case we were told the program doesn't need to look pretty, just work? In another case, we were told to start our own open source project? Please tell me there is an easier way?

Thank you for the Information and the Entertainment. Love the Show!

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