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Technically not Linux

Right its technically not a Linux question but as I will will using Linux on it I thought I would ask here.

I'm looking to upgrade/replace my current PC as it is too hot and noisy.  Currently I have a Quad Phenom 9650 processor running on a Gigabyte motherboard with 4GB of DDR2 667 RAM 2 1TB Drives and a Gainward GTX260 896MB Goldensample graphics card.  Powering this is a Powercool 850W PSU.

The system runs fine apart from it not only sounds like a jet engine but it produces as much heat as one sad  So I am thinking about either replacing or upgrading the system.

The problem I have if you can call it one is that I work in IT and can design systems for other people with out a problem but when it comes to my own system I find myself looking in about 8 different directions at once and also looking at the high end of the market which I cannot afford right now.

Basically I am looking for a system that will see me through a few years and only real requirements are a decent amount of RAM and Pretty good graphics card as I play World of Warcraft and do some photo editing.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have to build it?

It seems like you don't need a ton of specs.  Have you looked at the used computer market?  A pawn shop might be a good place to look, especially if you are going to wipe it (remember the price they have listed is not the price they will sell it for).

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Thanks for the input guys....

Thanks for the input guys..... I don't want to look at a second hand system as as I don't know the history of the parts and if someting does fail then I have no real come back with the place that sold it as they only tend to give very short warranties.  Plus when I get in at night I don't want to spend my time looking at various system configurations and then have to plan building it.  I just want to find a system that will do what I want straight out of the box.

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If you just want to plunk down a credit card and have something awesome arrive at your house, I'd check out the offerings from System76.  They sell their systems with Ubuntu pre-installed, so you basically get $100 worth of extra hardware with every purchase since you're not paying for Windows.  Back when I was a server admin they were my go-to shop for rack-mount servers.  I've never bought a laptop or desktop from them, but assuming they're built with the same quality as their servers you can't go wrong.  The keep their offerings small- only three desktop models available, and use high-quality components designed to satisfy the uberpicky Linux crowd.

Sadly, no this isn't a paid endorsement.  I'd like it to be, though, if anyone at System76 is paying attention. ;)

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