EDL #60 - The Hidden Linux

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EDL #60 - The Hidden Linux

It took me a while to finish listening to this show and I'm glad I came back to it. I'm definitely curious about Sintel - The Game, and the LiveCD List is something I'll want to check out.

I especially liked hearing Chris' Command Line Tip this week. I've loved using fortune and I've even thrown the fortunoid plasmoid on my desktop so I can get fortunes without having to pop up a terminal. Did you know you can create your own list of fortunes pretty easily? I love collecting quotations, especially funny ones, and I created a custom fortunes file to use them on my system. I wrote a post for my blog a while back with instructions on how to do it for anyone that wants them, and I include a link to my myfortunes file in my Dropbox that gets updated pretty frequently. One of my favorites came from a Dean Koontz book::
You couldn't bust bad guys with high style and aplomb if you didn't eat great food with gusto.
               -- Dean Koontz, "Frankenstein: Lost Souls"
And then there's this one that I think you guys will really appreciate:
I have not lost my mind - it's backed up on disk somewhere.
                -- Unknown
Have a great weekend, y'all. And don't forget to eat massive quantities of bacon.



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RE: how-to for fortune

I just read your how-to.  Pretty good stuff.  I might have to look into it.

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