A little FOG help needed

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A little FOG help needed

I have been catching up on the Tightwad Tech shows.  My employer is a manufacturer of  nuts and bolts for the automotive industry.  Lots of great info in your shows.  I came across the FOG show and decided to try it again.  My early efforts were not good, but my Linux skills have improved since the first year that FOG came out.

The initial set up and imaging went well.  But we started upgrading all PCs from XP and Core Duo processors to Win 7 and Core i5 Ivy Bridge systems.  I bought Gigabyte and MSI motherboards.  The MSI motherboards were for 4 Core i3 systems.  Everyone else was getting Core i5s.  The Gigabyte motherboards will not connect to FOG.  The initial screen comes up, loads the kernel and we get the error message "Inappropriate Locale for Disks?"


I have not found a fix for this yet.  (Of course, no more Gigabyte motherboards for me).


Any ideas?




Mark Cockrell
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Re: A little FOG help needed

My first guess based on the error message is that the motherboards have the drives set up in some sort of quasi-RAID.  See if you can set the SATA drives to "legacy" or some similar term and give that a whirl.  Let us know how it goes!

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