EDL #58 - Now with More Chrome!

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EDL #58 - Now with More Chrome!

Welcome back Mark and Aaron! Chris and Seth did a good job the last couple of weeks but it was great to hear all four voices again, and with a guest fifth voice? Sweeeeeeet!

Re Google Transparency Report: I'm a little surprised you guys didn't have info on which countries submitted the most takedown requests. I actually heard this from the Marketplace Morning Report podcast, and they're a business/finance radio show. Granted, Marketplace does do a morning Tech Report but the Morning Report had more info than the Tech Report did.The worst offender? India asked for the most takedowns. Unfortunately there's not a transcript for this story but it's worth hearing and they have a link to the report itself.

Re Microsoft Surface: I'm glad so many folks are pointing out that they had already announced their table computer by that name, and the folks at the Marketplace Tech Report point out how little we actually know about Surface Take 2. (That article also has more info on the Google report, with the news that Spain and Poland also submitted a number of requests (sorry, Mark, no numbers). They also point out that Canada asked YouTube to take down the video of the Canuckistan citizen urinating on his passport and then flushing it down the loo. Of course the Big G said no.)

KDE goes more social: I just hope they include support for the Big Face. Granted I'm using Twitter more now that I can tweet and it will go to my wall, but my family is on the Face so that's what I use more.

The service I'd be lost without is Gmail, although if Amarok couldn't snag podcasts I'd be a very unhappy penguinista.

GNOME news: Could someone wake me when it's over? [/snoozingKDEuser]

Door-to-Door Tip: I'll have to check that out. I've been using the CLI for years but it sounds like a great way to learn what I can do in the Konsole.

Have a great weekend, y'all! I look forward to next week's show, and in case I don't post something next week I hope everyone has a safe and very happy fourth. Even if Mark can't can't fire up his smoker. Speaking of Mark, do we have an ETA on when his brood will be heading south? I bet he's incomplete without them and I hope they all get back together soon.