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Kevin McKibben
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3 Show Suggestions

Hey Guys,

Still love the show.  I think Mark's and Chris' obvious depth and breadth of knowledge comes through clearly and while I undstand that the show is intended to describe and encourage everyday Linux use, I don't read "everyday" as surface level understanding only.

Can you give us your definition of Everyday use?

For me, everyday is using the command line, GUI apps and forums to learn something new and try to consolidate my personal computer use solely on linux systems.

Show suggestions:

  1. I would like to hear each of your most usefule aliases and why you use them.
  2. What are your favorite simple bash scripts and do you implement them for daily / weekly use.
  3. Show us useful cron job(s) that makes day to day use easier.

I've only been using Linux for about a year.  I have learned much on my own but am still desperatley ignorant on many, many topics to my great frustration.  Your podcast and a couple of others are quite helpful though EDL is by far the most listenable.

Thanks and keep up the good work,