Strange classroom disipline?

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Strange classroom disipline?

Just to start this off I found an interesting read about a 9th grade teacher in Zephyrhills High School. I know that most of you guys here in the Element Opie universe have children. Therefore i assume you are familiar with the Pixar Movie "UP".  In the movie one of the characters ( a dog ) is forced to wear a plastic cone around his neck, the type of cone commonly found at the vet. In the movie this cone is referred to as "The cone of shame".

Theres the wind up.... now here's the pitch.

This teacher, after showing the movie in here class at some point, had a similar cone brought to her classroom. And as you would expect it, this cone found its way onto the necks of several of her students. Now not wanting to lead this too far down the wrong road of assumption... some students asked to wear the cone voluntarily to see what it was like while trying to do normal activities with it on. However despite these volunteers the "Cone Of Shame" apparently was put into use with the intent as a form of punishment.  Students were given a choice to "...sit at the tardy table or wear the cone of shame...". Of course as you guys would have guessed when this reached the ears of parents and administrative staff the proverbial fecal matter hit the fan.

Here is the link to the article in the Tampa Bay Times.

Now dear listeners, what amazing or strange form of discipline have you ever come across?

What have you done as an educator to facilitate discipline?

What crazy stories or memories do you have to tell us about when you got busted for goofing-off in class.

Please share and let us know about the strange, the extreme, or the bizarre things  that has crossed your path as a technician or as a teacher.


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yea i saw that one and sent

yea i saw that one and sent that in with a few more stories. 


teach people to think outside the box then fire them.  just bring back paddling for people that need it i guess.

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