Element Opie Productions Privacy Policy

Information We Collect
We collect what you give us when you register for the site, send us an email, submit a voicemail, make a forum post, comment on the website, or whatever else. We also collect anonymous data when you visit our site such as your IP address, the browser you use, the operating system your computer has installed, and similar data.


What Do We Do With Your Information?
We are a user-driven company and we strive to use the information you provide us to make both our content and your experience better.  That may mean that we play your voicemail, or read your email/forum post/comment on a show.  It may mean that we use the information you provide to guide us in creating future content.  It may mean that we pass your email around the office and laugh at your bad grammar, but probably not.


Do We Use Cookies?
Yes, and you should probably just get over the whole fear of cookies thing.  They are an essential part of making websites interactive.


Do We Share Your Information?
We may share anonymized, aggregate reports with our partners.  This means, for example, that we might show a prospective advertiser a report detailing how many people have visited our website in the last month, broken down by geographic location (which we guess from your IP address), browser type, and operating system.  This is all stuff your browser willingly hands out to any site that asks for it.

If we are presented a summons, court order, warrant or any other legally-binding document from a government or law-enforcement agency, we will sing like canaries in a cage and tell them everything we know about you.  We have to- that is why it is called “The Law.”

What we will not do is spam you.  We hate online spam.  We are not entirely crazy about the canned meat product.  If you give us your email address, our automated systems will probably use it to alert you to things like forum posts and messages sent to you from other users.  We may send you the occasional announcement email here and there.  We may even try to sell you one of our own products, but we will be tasteful about it.  Honest.  

We will not sell your email address or personal information.  We will not  trade it, barter with it, or use it to cover a gambling debt. When you trust us with your information, that stays between you and us.  That is a promise (see note above about squealing to the cops).


Changes to Our Privacy Policy
We may or may not alert you to changes in our privacy policy.  If it is a big deal, we probably will.  If we are correcting a typo, we probably will not.  It is up to you to check back here from time to time and make sure you are still cool with our Privacy Policy


This policy was last changed on 5-08-2012