Element Opie Productions Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms
The use of our website constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use as posted.


Our Content
Content created by Element Opie Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise specified.  What this means is that you are free to take our stuff, copy it, retransmit it in its entirety, and use it as you see fit as long as you are not making money off of it, and you make sure people know where it came from.  For more on the Creative Commons license, see
this link.


User Content
A lot of what is on our site is not actually stuff we created.  Our audience members and website users are smart people who produce a lot of good content.  These may come in the form of forum posts, emails, comments on the website, voicemails, and more.  

We do not claim ownership of your stuff.  It is yours and always will be.  

We do claim the right to use anything you submit to us as we see fit, without asking your permission.  That includes things like compiling your posts and comments into a book and selling it for billions of dollars and retiring on a private island, or maybe just reading what you said in a show or reposting it on our website.  We may or may not credit you directly as the source of the content.  

You are responsible for submitting only content to our site that you own or have permission to use.  If you rip someone off, please do not post it here.  We are not responsible for what our users post, and we do not guarantee that it is accurate, legal, or good advice.


Disclaimer and Limitations
We try to provide quality, accurate, intelligent content as often as possible, but we do not warrant any of it in any way- expressed or implied.  We are not responsible if you take our bad advice and lose all your money in the stock market, or hack off your own thumbs trying to copy something we talked about.  


Changes to These Terms
We may or may not alert you to changes in our Terms of Use.  If it is a big deal, we probably will.  If we are correcting a typo, we probably will not.  It is up to you to check back here from time to time and make sure you are still cool with our Terms.


This policy was last changed on 5-08-2012