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George Somers

<p>I am the Computer Teacher at Our Lady of Mercy School in Merced, CA. It is a small Catholic school with no IT person, so by default that responsibility falls on me. Our tech budget is not just a shoestring budget, it is a "aglet budget." I am a recent listener/fan and I'm in the process of going through back episodes to get what I might have missed. We are always looking for tech on the cheap. I LOVE the Untangle firewall, for which I have not paid a dime. It saves us about $2000 every year. It's a great example of the Tightwad Tech philosophy. We are a Mac school and love it that way. I also teach Computer Applications for Merced College. I teach mostly Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. I look forward to collabororating with you all in the forums.</p>

Mark Cockrell
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Welcome aboard, George! We're glad to have you as both a listener and a contributor.

Shawn Kibel
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Thank you for the feedback!  It is always great to hear from our listeners from all over the country and world.  I am originally from CA and have been interested to have a listener on the show from CA to get a sense of the budget crunch out there.  Please contact me if you would ever be interested in coming on for one of our "Listener Spotlight" shows.

Warmest Regards,

Shawn Kibel


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