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New Show Topics

-A Review of common Linux based Server operations

- Use the command line to do any task you commonly do with a GUI.

-A review of all types of log files and how to use them to troubleshoot.

-A review of configuration files and their locations

-Lets take a look at how to use VI

-What to do when my Linux box won't boot (how to use Grub to recover from a failure).

-What types of certifications do you recommend (Linux+ and the like)

-Only sissies are afraid of Linux (don't think of it as a replacement for Windows, it's better and more fun) let them eat bacon..


Just a few ideas. Thanks for the great show. You folks are very informative and entertaining.

rm-r Fodder
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I like the log files idea,

I like the log files idea, perhaps Linux file system 101? what in USR, VAR, ETC usually?


something I'd be keen on is how to keep the USR directory on a network location so whichever machine i log into it mounts my same usr info, i have heard a few people mention it but some detail would be great. some cheeky FSTAB editing for the command line god father!?!?

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New Show Topics

I like Japerk57's ideas.  I like the idea of "What to do when my Linux box won't boot (how to use Grub to recover from a failure)" but also include what are the most improtant files to back up.  Sort of like a Windows registry back up. 

A while back there was a show about having Linux as a replacement for a hardware firewall and that was a good show but it wasn't a "how to" episode...more of a "here is what you can do with linux"  episode bit.  If you could have a more descriptive show on a hardware/software linux firewall like PF Sense or IP Cop that would be great. 

Another show I'd like to hear is having guests with their preferances on what Distro style is better for them...RPM, Debian based, etc. . 

Lastly I'd like to hear of any legal(ish) Linux hacking.  For myself I sometimes enjoy going to malls and cracking WEP of nearby businesses (why do they almost always use phone #'s) or just users in my apartment.

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