Interview technique questions.

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Interview technique questions.

Great show episode 4 but I have a few more questions.

What are some techniques for transitioning from the pre-show chat to the recorded show.   Also what are some good ways to wrap-up the show, and end.   Do you often end the show and still keep them online for example. 



Mark Cockrell
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Interview Techniques

Hi BJ,

  I'm sure everyone has a different answer to these questions, but for me the pre-show chat to recorded conversation is usually something like "Ok, everyone ready?  Let's go!" Nothing really profound there.  As for the post-interview, there are two ways to go about that.  Sometimes we just say our goodbyes, end the conversation and then continue the post-interview part of the show.  Other times, the quest chooses to stay on for the wrap-up and we end the show, say thanks, answer any questions they may have, let them know when the show will air and then hang up.  You really have to feel-out your guest to get a sense of whether they're a chatter or just want to do the interview and get on with their day.  Most of all, be polite, say "thank you" often and treat them with dignity.

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