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Feed Back

You asked for feed back, so here it is.  Great shows guys.  I like the direction that you all are going.  I look forward to hearing more. Thank you.

Mark Cockrell
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Kind words are always appreciated, Sporksabre.

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I'm just happy

I'm just happy you posted here so I could see your username.




That's awesome!

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Inexpensive microphone question

Hey,  I just started listening last weekend.  I had  5 hours of road time, so I made some headway in your Art Of Podcasting podcasts.

Early on, I heard Mark say that he sent one of his co-hosts an inexpensive microphone that could be bought for $30 - $50.  I now am trying to find that clip and see what make and model it was.


I am learning a lot.  Will hope to use it soon.  (And if you didn't know, I Am Not Steve Cherubino, unless this is the Ohio Linux Fest or you are a Hostgator girl)



Mark Cockrell
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USB Headset


  This the USB headset that a few of the hosts on the network use.  Inexpensive and good quality.



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Sorry Mark,

Sorry Mark, I was asking about a Microphone not a headset.  I have a Turtle Beach that I love but I get feedback on the built in microphone, especially in Mumble.

I was looking for a USB stand alone mike.  I thought you mentioned an Audio Technica, but that is just a guess.


Can you recommend a Microphone?

Thanks Jeff

Mark Cockrell
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Ah, ok.  I misunderstood the request.  My starter mic, and one that I still like a lot is the AudioTechnica M400S.  It's a solid, inexpensive microphone.

Shawn Kibel
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My Mic

I'm still using the Audio Technica M400S that Mark originally purchased for me.  Two years and still going strong.  Don't forget the pop-filter though.

John Hames
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Great Information

Your show is great, very informative. I thought I had found all the podcast how to shows, but now I discovered yours. I must say your shows are so far much better than the others I have found. Please keep up the good work.

I am still in the planning stage of a 1st time podcast, it will be a Biblical Study podcast, getting ready to construct a makeshift studio, getting ready to purchase some equipment. You have already helped me a great deal and I am just now up to episode 7.


John Hames

Gray, TN.



Mark Cockrell
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Re: Great Information

Thanks for the feedback, James!  Our shows are all on hiatus for a little while so that I can complete a move to a new state, but we'll be back soon and will try to keep bringing great content.

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Feed back

Hey I've listened to all the back issues, looking forward to more :)


Good information, and now I've got to implement some of them on my podcast to try and improve it.


Here's an idea, interview unknown podcasters, even from non tech and unusual podcasts, to ask how they do it, armature and more well established. Or more importantly why they are doing it ? Building a network like yourselfs, or just to scratch their own itch and have their say etc.,

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A few commnets


I have been listening to the AOP and love it.  I have little ones and can't watch the live stream.  I want to see your setup to see how I can possibly improve mine.  Obviously my situation is different with working in the high school and with kids. but do you have a video archive of the episode of your setup?

On another note, I may begin offering free Continuing Education Units for listening to my podcast.  Therefore I should expect an increase in traffic and listeners and downloads.  I listened to the "monetizing" episode and plan to listen again to try out some of y'all suggestions.

Lastly, thanks for all your help, I mention your website regularly.

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