heres one for a tingle

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heres one for a tingle

a story for the show??  seems to fit into the right orifice lol

the link:


and the story:

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- There is a new trend on high school and college campuses that involves alcohol and a common drug store item.

High school and college kids have come up with a bizarre and dangerous new way to get drunk.

Both guys and girls are taking tampons, soaking them in alcohol and them shoving them into a place they definitely don't belong.

It is known as "butt chugging" and it will supposedly cause a person to become drunker quicker and for that drunk feeling to be more intense.

Doctors warn that this is a very dangerous practice and could lead to muscle damage.

Also, just because this method is used, it does not mean that the alcohol will not show up on a person's breath and therefore on a breathalyzer.