Irfanview for OCR, Scanned image to text

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Irfanview for OCR, Scanned image to text

I had a nice victory this week with Irfanview and OCR (optical character recognition).

I had a good quality scan of a page I didn't want to retype.

I opened up Irfanview and installed the plugin package
I installed the whole package of plugins but the OCR part is called Kadmos OCR

Then I opened the scanned page in Irfanview

clicked Options / Start OCR

then I was shown a page with the text parts highlighted in yellow

in fact this was the hardest part of the job, because I kept looking for an "export text" button.

But, all I needed to do was click (or click drag to select) on the area of the text I wanted and it automatically opens a text editor page with that text in it. That was so simple I almost missed it.

Awesome app, and free.

I couldn't find any clips on Youtube showing this ability.

Mark Cockrell
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Great tip

That's a great tip.  Thanks for posting it.

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