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Hello from Winnipeg Canada

Hello Mark and Shawn.  I've been listening to Tightwad Tech and Everyday Linux for close to a year now and really enjoy the shows.  I recently started listing to the others at random and find them equally as great.   (The name "Periodic Table" does throw me off though, sounds like your talking about math equations.)

I have spent the past 11 years continuing to learn everything I can about computers / technology and have in the past been a phone tech support agent for HP (2004-2007) and Comcast Cable(2007-2009) and since 2009 have a very small home based computer repair business.  I received a diploma as a Network Admin in 2010.  I am currently very reluctantly working full time in retail and not directly involved in computers job wise.  My goal is to again work in an office orientated environment much like yourselves.



Mark Cockrell
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Hi Michael,

  Thanks for being a listener and for finally letting us know you're out there!  The Periodic Table was supposed to be sort of a geeky pun.  We're all the "elements" of the Element Opie network and the show is weekly, thus it happens "periodically."  So, I went with The Periodic Table.  Having said that... what else would you call that train wreck?

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