What podcasts do you listen to?

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Mark Cockrell
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What podcasts do you listen to?

Here's a little assignment for all of you Element Opie fans (would that make you Opiates?) out there.  Let's create a list here of our favorite podcasts.  Now, before you go just dumping your feed list into this thread and move on, let's make this a bit more interesting.  List the shows that you listen to regularly (even if it's already been listed a dozen times) and then tell us why you listen to it.  What is it that you like about it?  What makes it a good show?  For extra credit, you could also list some shows that you don't like, but again tell us why.  The goal here is not just to get a list of great shows, but to also get a sense of context about what makes a show great.  We're all podcast consumers here, and many of us may be aspiring podcast producers, so let's learn from each other about the good, the bad and the ugly of podcasting.

Mark Cockrell
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My list

This is far from an exhaustive list of all the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, but they are the ones I consider to be my favorites, presented in no particular order.

  • Triangulation- Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt
    • They consistently have interesting people to talk to, and do so in a candid way.  Though guests are often plugging a book or project, the show manages to avoid sounding like an infomercial.
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    • If you're a fan of history, you need to listen to this show.  It's good, old-fashioned historical story-telling. 
  • The Linux Action Show
    • Bryan Lunduke and Chris Fisher get a little heavy on shtick with this show, but overall it's both informative and entertaining.  Bleeding-edge Linux news presented by overly-opinionated geeks- podcasting at its finest
  • Windows Weekly
    • Another TWIT show (there will be several) dedicated to all things Windows.  Historically they've focused mostly on Microsoft's consumer options, but recently they've begun to get a bit more into enterprise stuff.  Can get a little boring, but the content usually makes it worth sitting through
  • This Week In Google
    • Lots of good information every week, and despite the name, it's not all focused on Google.  It's really more of a tech news/current events show.
  • Security Now
    • Steve Gibson may be the leader of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, but he's also an undisputed genius.  He brings the goods every week in this show dedicated to the heaviest geek content.  This is a show I can't listen to while I work.  It's too informationally dense to multitask through.
  • Android App Addicts
    • Prone to long fits of off-topic rambling (hey, that sounds like one our shows), a rotating group of guys desperately in need of a smartphone 12-step program bring a bevy of apps to the show each week- some good, some utter crap.  Always entertaining, and sure to keep your phone overloaded.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
    • This podcast from HowStuffWorks.com is a treasure trove of odd and little-known stories from history.  It often feels a little too scripted, but the information is always interesting, and has spurred me on to do my own research a number of times.


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What podcasts do you listen to?

The podcast I listen to on a regular basis, (not counting Element Opie podcasts):

    - CyberJungle is a great podcast to get unique security news and tips that is often not heard on other security related podcasts.  I like learning new tidbits of tech info from time to time that the show offers.

GNU World Order:
   - GNU World Order is a very laid back technical podcast about Gnu/Linux and Unix.  The topics vary.  I like the relaxed feel of the show and topics don't seem rushed nor dragged out forever.

Linux Outlaws:
   - Linux Outlaws is a good entertainment podcast that tries to center around technology but the topics can vary.  This podcast is liked mainly for entertainment value.

Mike Tech Show:
   - Mike Tech Show podcast has been a great choice for years now.  Mike Smith (host) is a incredible tech who has many years of experience in the computer repair field and his super friendly manner does in no way come off as snobbish or abrasive like many other techs.  Mike has a "I'm just like you" attitude and loves viewer questions/comments.

   -MintCast is a recently new podcast I listen to to hear updates/news on Linux Mint distro.  

GRC Security Now!:
   - Security Now is a favorite of mine for years now.  Steve Gibson is a very knowledgeable (but sometimes incorrect) co-host who always tries to explain tech topics in layman's terms that most average "geeks" can understand.

Social-Engineer.org Podcast:
   -Social-Engineer podcast is a newer podcast I stumbled upon that has never been done before.  It's tech talk, but from a social engineering view point.  They always have interesting guests and loads material to read and learn.

Spark from CBC Radio:
   - CBC Spark is the only Canadian podcast I listen to that is worth hearing.  Nora Young (host) asks her guest intriguing questions and the podcast is always technology related but not necessarily about computers.  I like the way the podcast sometimes gets you to to think of things in a different way.

   - Tech-Vets is a great podcast to hear two techs that are often are opposing ends of various topics.  Co-host Carey Holzman has a very abrasive attitude but polite.  I agree with most of his views and Mike Smith has an assertive, decisive, yet friendly attitude.
I like to hear Carey go off on a tangent about a topic and explain why he thinks one way and most others think the other way.

Unix Clubhouse Podcast:
   - Unix Clubhouse is a good podcast that is a no frills bare bones podcast.  Rick (host) talks about various *nix/Linux topics and can seem dry (and way too programing technical for me at times), but is very informative and often entertaining.  I like the overall feel of the show.  It feels like Rick is sitting right next to you talking tech and not  among a panel of guests.
The Techie Geek Podcast:
   - The Techie Geek is a very well produced podcast that talks about Linux, Windows or most any other tech related topic.  There is often a lot to learn when listing to this podcast.

Infosec Daily:
   - Infosec Daily is a nice tech entertainment podcast that can often make me laugh and the guests are very knowledgeable about various topics.


There are many other podcast that I listen to at random and yet others that I've stopped listing to that I will not name as to not create any animosity.  What I will say is what gets me to stop listening to podcasts are:

   - When they center around quantity not quality

   -  Not responding to emails, not on the show is fine but just not answering back at all.  

   - When the host(s) talk too much about their self-promoted advertisements.  (example: grazing over the topic about purchasing some "Insert podcast name here" apparel and were to purchase it is fine, but if spending 15 min. talking about how good the clothing will feel and how cool you will look then also ask you to click on their affiliate link to Amazon and or eBay is over the top) 

There are many more negative reasons why I quit listing to some podcast but I don't want to seem like a "John C Dvorak" here and I'll let others list there reasons.

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My present list


Everyday Linux (The OpenSource & Bacon Podcast)
Podnutz Daily
Podnutz Pro
My Hard Drive Died
Linux For The Rest Of Us
Linux News Log
Techie Geek Podcast
Linux Outlaws
Full Circle Magazine
TuxRadar Linux Podcast
Going Linux
Audacity To Podcast
Ubuntu UK
Techstuff (Howstuffworks)
Stuff You Should Know (Howstuffworks)
Category5 Technology TV
Linux Action Show (Jupiter Broadcasting)
In Depth Look (Jupiter Broadcasting)
Loaded (CNET)
The Buzz Report (CNET)
Tekzilla (Revision 3)
plus many YouTube channels
Please excuse the lack of description


Mark Cockrell
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Lack of description

I can get past the lack of descriptions, because we all know geeks don't follow instructions well.  What I can't get past is that there only ONE Element Opie podcast on that list!!! At least you put us at the top. ;)  I'm kidding, of course.  Several of those are in my "I watch/listen if I have enough spare time on my hands" feed.  The ones I listed above are my go-to podcasts that I make sure to never miss.

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What podcasts do you listen too and want to hear?

Just like Charliemoss, I also listen to most of those podcasts as well just not on a regular basis.  I left out Video casts from YouTube, Universities lectures and talks from places like Def Con etc. that are really not podcasts.   I purposely left out Element Opie because that's a given that I listen to all the episodes however sometimes have to stop 1M1W halfway through when they talk of bacon and go make myself a BLT sandwich. (I'm kidding of course)  Some of the others I listen to infrequently are:

Podnutz Pro:
Podnutz Daily:
Knightwise.com :
The CaffiNation Podcast
Dr. Bill.TV
Linux News Log
Ken Radio

For extra extra credit I like to add what podcast that is yet to be started that I think would be a huge success.  To have a vehicle mechanic call in show and/or video cast.  A  caller would call in and state there current issue and the one or panel of mechanics' would try to solve the person's issue.  I say this after getting the idea that one person could just produce/direct (but not participate in) the whole show after learning how to podcast from Steve Cherubino, Mark Cockrell and Professor Messer. (The Art of Podcasting)



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Pass the bacon...no, seriously...pass it!


I purposely left out Element Opie because that's a given that I listen to all the episodes however sometimes have to stop 1M1W halfway through when they talk of bacon and go make myself a BLT sandwich. (I'm kidding of course)


What you may not know, is that thanks to the power of asyncronous recording, WE stop the podcast in the middle and have some bacon! But seriously...thanks for listening!!


Host, 1 Meal - 1 Workout

Mark Cockrell
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Whew, Aaron!

  You were getting dangerously low on your use of the word "asynchronous."  I'm glad you managed to work that in there.

Mark Cockrell
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Car Talk

I think you pretty much just described the Car Talk show.  It's a long-running radio show that now has an Internet presence as well.

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Car Talk

Thanks Mark for the Car Talk podcast.  I really like it.  I had a "where has this podcast been all my life" moment when listing to it.  New one added to my RSS feed.



Jim Beason
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My Current List

Tightwad Tech

Everyday Linux

Periodic Table

Art of Podcasting

Podnutz Pro

Linux for the Rest of Us

Going Linux

Security Now

Mike Tech Show

Tech Vets


Linux Basix

Other Podnutz shows (when Steve C gets around to recording them)



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