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show #13

maybe i missed something from the news..


in show #13 you guys were hammering on Gov Chris Christie for vetoing the gay marriage law.  if i recall right he vetoed it to have it go to the voters of the state to approve or deny it, not sign off on what the state house and senate sent to him.   i think he did the right thing by letting it go to the voters to make the decision.


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I believe you are correct...

That was my impression (and I thought I mentioned it)...he said something like "this was too big of an issue" and it should go to the general vote of the population.  Something along those lines.

Thanks though for chiming in ... if it wasn't clear that was what we were saying to you, then it probably wasn't clear to others.

Thanks for listening!

Mark Cockrell
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Gov. Christie

I tried to make that argument during the show.  He used the structure in place to force a supermajority vote.  He sticks to his personal beliefs and the people of the state still have the option to make their voice heard.

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