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Mark Cockrell
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Studio Gear

What's in your "studio" right now?  What do you hope to add in the near future?  Pictures are always a plus. ;)

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My Studio Gear

Hi Mark. Nice to meet you. I just love "The Art Of Podcasting".

I'm Mitch Haman from Hanover Pa.

I'm involved in a podcast over at

I'm the one with all the "gear", but actually, I'm not all that crazy about talking.

I love the behind the scenes stuff.

First of all let me say hi to Steve Cherubino. I've been listening to Steve when he first started to podcast.

Steve has been a inspiration not just in getting to be a better pc tech, but learning how to podcast.

Also like to say hi to the professor.( Miss you in TeamSpeak).

Ok, here is the gear I have for our podcasts.

Mixer is a Makie ProFx8 usb mixer

Audio Technia DR-LVX2 Dynamic Mic   

Audio Technia AT2020 Condenser Mic

I only use one or the other on the mic's, never the same time.

DBX 266XS Compressor/Gate

Logitech Webcams C910 C610 C510 Quick Cam Pro, Web Cam Pro. ( No all at the same time)

I'm usually using 3 pc's during our podcast, which is streamed at

My Streaming pc which is a Home Built  core 2 quad, that has wirecast on it and is connected to the Makie via It's usb.

I also have a I3 Toshiba Laptop that is using a Steinberg CI1 Usb audio interface with the 1/4 inch right and left going into my Makie on channel  3/4 Right and Left inputs. I'm using my Fx Send to go back into the Steinberg Ci1 Usb interface with a balanced cable. This I3 Toshiba will have 2 accounts of Skype Running.

On my Dell i5 Desktop, this will also have 2 accounts of skype running.. i'm using a Soundblaster X-FI Go Pro Usb interface on this Dell. This connects to the Makie with the 1/8 stereo to the dual 1/4 cable to  5/6 right and left on the makie and then Im using a monitor send (aux send) with a 1/8 adapter on the end to go back into the Soundblaster..

I have my DBX266XS R/L 1/4 dual to a single 1/4 going into the insert on the Makie Channel 1.

We have two shows going on now. 

Geeekster is on Wednesday at 6pm Est and Unbootables is on Friday night at 11pm Est (Did I just plug them, sorry lol)

I do use wirecast.

Now I know I can do at least one mix minus the right way if I only have one skype caller, but most of the time I'll have 3 or 4 skype callers.

This means I could be sharing two Skype accounts at the same time on the same audio. For the most part, this work ok.

I use the Aux knobs on the mixer for the  mix minus, I can't turn it all the way down because the skype callers won't hear each other. Usually the 9 o-clock position has been working.

I usually just grab the audio from the stream and edit with Audacity.

No I have some questions for you. 

Since this DBX 2666XS has two channels, I like to use the other for skype callers, but they don't have inserts on their channels, so I'm not sure how I would accomplish this.

Also, I hear that you ( Mark ) can use the pan left and right on your mixer as a type of mix minus thing? Could you explain how I'd do it on mine.

I use Audacity as well and I love it, but how do I for instance: say you called me on Skype and I record our conversation, how do i in Audacity separate my audio from yours.  I thought I heard you say something about it on maybe ep 3.

I mean when I use Audacity, which would be on the streaming pc, and try to record a skype caller, both the right and left track has the exact same audio on it.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself right, but I hope I am.

Any info on my problems would greatly be appreciated.

Oh, I forgot to mention on the Geekstes show, we'be been using Oovoo.. It's like Skype but Oovoo is now giving you up to 6 video Conferencing for free.

Anyway, thanks I and I hope to hear from you on anybody on my questions...








Mark Cockrell
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Mix-Minus and other things

Welcome aboard, MItch!  Thanks for being a listener. 

The way I leverage the left and right channels for Mix Minux is like so:  The output from USER1 goes to Channel 3 on my board, which is panned fully left.  The RIGHT OUT from the board is sent back to the input of USER1.  That way he hears everything coming from the right channel of the mixer, and since he's panned fully left, he doesn't hear himself at all.

The output from USER2 is connected to Channel 4 on my mixer and panned fully right.  The LEFT OUT from the mixer is routed to the input for USER2.  He then hears everything coming out of the left channel, and since he's panned fully right, he doesn't hear himself.

Combined with the AUX1 and AUX2 sends on the board I'm able to give up to four users their own independent mix. 

As for Audacity, as with any other DAW, the only way to get truly separate channels is to feed it multiple tracks.  If you're recording the stereo stream out of your Mackie, then all Audacity will ever have to work with is a single stereo track.  That's fine for simple editing, but won't allow you to do anything advanced.  In my case, I have the USB feed from my Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 going straight into my PC running Audacity, which then is able to record 8 separate tracks for later editing. My guess is that your Mackie is only capable of outputting one stereo track via it's USB port.  So, in order to get true multitrack recording and editing you'll have to looking into a different mixer, or using some other audio interface for your recording PC.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply Mark..

Thanks for the reply Mark.. It's appreciated.

i think I now understanding the pan method. I'm going to try this and let you know how I make out.


Thanks again and Happy Easter.






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I have very little actual

I have very little actual gear in my studio.  All I use with any level of regularity include an Audio Technica AT2050 condenser microphone, an M-Audio Fast Track Mk2 audio interface, and a pair of Shure SRH-440 headphones.  Everything else is done in software using the Jack Audio Connection Kit platform to simulate the analog connections.

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