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Mark Cockrell
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Introduce Yourself

Make this your first stop on the 1Meal 1Workout forums.  Say "hi," and let us join your life-changing jorney with you.

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Hello everyone. 

First off, let's explain the joke. I'm not THAT ​Don Sullivan, but the Don of 1Meal1Workout fame. smiley

I started my weight loss journey hovering between 340 and 360 for the past few years. Pretty hefty for being 6'0", though the fact that I was larger than probably 99% of the other people I knew never really struck me. I've been a very sedentary guy for years, mainly from a lifetime of being a huge video game fanatic (got my NES when I was 4)  and computer nerd coupled with the fact that I've been allergic to...well, to being outside since I was in elementary school. (Seriously, plants give me trouble breathing. Nowadays I have to take weekly allergy shots. Anyway!) 

In the past 18 months or so I've gone for that max of 360 to my current weight of 255. I'll skip the details, as they're available in 1M1W podcast #3, but suffice to say that after a boost from some doctor recommended and prescribed medication, I was able to finally start managing what I ate and work on being more active. Nowadays I enjoy having an unbelievable amount of energy compared to my former self, and can do things I never though I'd be able to do before, like go outside and not be absolutely miserable within seconds in 95o+ weather, or get up and down out of chairs with my daughter throughout the day to change her diapers without killing my knees and being ready to collapse at the end of the day! It really is a charmed life I lead nowadays, let me tell you. cheeky

If you've got any questions for me or would just like to talk, go ahead and reply. I might just respond. wink


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Hello fellow listeners and

Hello fellow listeners and hosts of 1 meal 1 workout.


I thought I would listen to the 1 meal 1 workout podcast after I showed up here listening to EDL. Chris also told me I should check this out so I have. 

Just like the rest of the shows on here I enjoy listening to 1M1W while I am at work as I have tons of free time or just time to listen to podcast while working.

Over the last couple years I have really been into my workouts and being healthier. 


I thought I should just drop in and say Hi and let you know I am listening!

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Hello Nevski!



Thanks for listening! We love listeners.  In fact, we think listeners are awesome! 


What kind of workouts are you doing? What other things are you doing to be healthier?



Former Fat Guy

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oh you know

I usually do weight training because I like to think of myself being a somewhat strong and physical guy. However over the last year I've really been doing a lot more spine and wellness workouts which is a lot of stretching and cardio. I still do my weights but not anywhere as much as I use to. 

I have noticed most of you are more into the cardio aspect of working out, which kudos to you guys that for me is much harder than lifting weights. 

Besides being a steady gym rat (at least 4-5 times a week), I keep myself somewhat healthy by taking my daily multi vitamins and keeping up on my supplements.

My biggest struggle is my diet which is lousy. 

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Thanks for the reply Nevski,

If you haven't read it, I recommend you pick up a copy of "Born to Run". I just finished reading it, and it makes me want to head out the door right now. Resistance training of any kind is great. I'm glad your doing anything!

But like they say, exercise is important, but diet is key!


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Hi.  I'll be the token woman

Hi.  I'll be the token woman on the forums!  I am a 57 year old, 5'2" woman who has struggled with overweight most of my adult life.  Reached 181 and decided to finally beat this thing.  Am doing Weight Watchers since mid-February, and am about halfway to goal with ~26 lbs lost.  I like WW because it's basically about portion control, and there is 'cheat' room built in.  This past weekend, partook in a beer-pairing dinner at a local restaurant, and had the 'points' to do it! 

For exercise, I swing a kettlebell, and I walk.  I don't think my knees will allow for running, but  may try that after next doc appt.  The kettlebell swings are good cardio, and I have a kettleworx dvd set that has some sculpting routines for abs and such, that I intersperse as well.

As for 'nerd' cred - in my youth, I was the UNIX tutorial author  (with Jim Mashey), and did the maintainance on the Bourne UNIX shell at Bell Labs.  I predate LINUX.  Quit all that to raise some awesome kids.  My daughter is studying Ed Tech through Antioch U (I think one of you is in Ed Tech?).

Keep up the podcast  - it's great listening while walking.

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Welcome to the Family Gini!


Thanks for introducing yourself...and thanks for listening. It sounds like you are definitely moving in the right direction.  You might surprise yourself on the knee thing.  Like Dr. Eggleston said (in one of our first episodes), if you've got knee problems, keep your feet on the ground (meaning bike, walk, elliptical), otherwise, go for it!

We look forward to hearing about your progress!


Former Fat Guy, and host of  1 Meal - 1 Workout

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