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I would like a good show on which three in one printers are  ready right out of the box.  I would love to hear the panels view of the best printers, not necessarily 3 in 1's, but their choice of printer.  I feel the lack of printer support is huge drawback for new Linux users.  

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from what i hear most HP

from what i hear most HP printers work out of the box.


might try checking


and yes printing in linux is a PITA if you dont fully research first.  nice new canon imageclass mf3240 (all in one laser) and no linux support.  so much for converting the wife 8)..

Mark Cockrell
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Printing and other stuff

Hey guys,

  We've actually got a show planned already all about Linux in the home network.  Printing is one of the issues we'll discuss then, as well as file sharing and other things like that.  If you've got other suggestions along those lines, let u know!

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